The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association is proud to be able to provide advertising for organizations that provide services to law enforcement, the trucking industry, or the legal community. Whether you are a vendor of law enforcement products, a vehicle repair shop, or a trucking company, the ITEA can provide excellent web exposure to potential customers.

Here is what the ITEA currently offers:

BANNER AD |  The ITEA displays a slider on the top of its homepage with various banner ads for ITEA sponsored events and paid advertisers.  A maximum of 10 banner ads will be run at any one time.  The annual cost to have a banner ad for your business is $500.

DIRECT EMAIL MARKETING  |  Each week the ITEA sends out a directed mass email to a growing list of over 800 verified subscribers from law enforcement, trucking, and other professions.  The annual cost to have your business advertised on the mass email is $300.

BLOG |  Each week the ITEA blogs about a current and pertinent topic involving truck enforcement. This blog post is automatically emailed to hundreds of police officers, attorneys, and customers in the trucking industry. Your product will be advertised on the blog post itself and also in the email to each recipient.

SOCIAL MEDIA EXPOSURE | The ITEA will advertise all of our business members on our social media outlets at no cost. The ITEA uses Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. You can create your own advertisement, or allow the ITEA to create it for you. The ITEA will advertise your business on our social media outlets once per every request, a maximum of twice per month. Please email to get started.

Each blog post will contain one advertisement, or 52 total per year.
Each week advertisement costs $25, or $1000 for the whole year ($350 discount!!)

To get started advertising with the ITEA, please contact us!