Circuit Clerk Court Fees

One of the foundational statements of the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association is uniformity.  While each county in Illinois has differing court fees, they are not always applied uniformly by police officers within the same county.  Also posing a challenge is constant legislation changes by the legislature that do not jive with language contained in the Supreme Court Rules.

Truck enforcement costs the trucking industry a lot of money.  It is the goal of the ITEA to make sure quality enforcement is fair and lawful.  It is imperative that any costs passed on to the industry are accurate.  This resource is being made public to provide accountability and serve as a central point of reference for all parties.

As a means to this end, the ITEA has embarked on a mission to gather the court fees from all 102 counties.  This goal is being accomplished by working in partnership with the Illinois Association of Court Clerks.  According to Supreme Court Rule 526(b)(1), when a driver is cited for a violation of an overweight violation found in 3-401D or 15-111 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, the entire statutory fine plus court fees shall be posted as a cash bail and a court date is not required.

The below list reflects court fees submitted to the ITEA from the Circuit Clerks of the corresponding county which need to be collected in the cash bail for overweight violations.  The ITEA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data, as it is only as good as what has been submitted.

  • If you are a police officer and believe the fees listed here are in error, please contact us and we will verify the fees with the appropriate clerk.
  • To see a list of Circuit Clerks from each county, please click HERE
  • If you are a Circuit Clerk in Illinois, please review the fees listed for your county and submit any corrections by clicking HERE.