Industry Training Programs

PostcardTruck law is confusing.  There is no doubt about it or argument against it.  But the truth is very few law enforcement officers in Illinois are involved with “paper compliance” issues like DOT audits, CSA compliance, and employee classification…yet this is what the bulk of compliance training for the trucking industry revolves around.

The Illinois Truck Enforcement Association offers three, street level training programs for management and labor.  Each program focuses on enforcement issues that limit your profitability.  Size.  Weight.  CDLs.  Registration.  Fuel Tax.  Safety Tests.  Equipment.  Theses are arenas of Illinois law enforcement that cost the industry millions of dollars every year in fines and lost wages.

FrontOfficeDesigned for management personnel, students will learn how and where to locate authoritative information, proper post-enforcement interaction with police, resolution strategy for violations, when to contact legal counsel, equipment theft prevention, how to get involved with local truck enforcement programs, and much more!

YardCheckYour trucks and trailers are crucial to your operation.  You have already spent time and money to make sure those vehicles are safety compliant.  ITEA personnel will check your vehicles for dozens of other compliance issues that safety inspections do not…the very violations police are looking for to justify traffic stops.

LaborWithout quality workers, your business suffers.  The reality is no matter how good an employee, unintentional mistakes happen that carry significant fines.  Many of these errors are easily preventable and were caused by faulty information.  Students will learn how to maximize success by avoiding common pitfalls.

Enforcement alone will not protect the public and infrastructure…authoritative training designed to promote voluntary compliance will.  Please contact the ITEA to schedule a speaker and obtain pricing information.

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