Since its humble beginnings in 2009, the ITEA has grown from a meager 10 police officers sharing a common vision to a robust and diverse association with 450 members from law enforcement, trucking, the legal community and other government agencies.  The leadership of the ITEA firmly believes growth, not only in numbers but in success. Obtaining these goals is highly dependent upon a plurality of leaders.  As an all-volunteer run organization, the responsibility for interpersonal relationships and task management is best accomplished when many people share in the work.

One of the Foundational Statements of the ITEA is “One Voice”.  When the ITEA began there were several leaders in Illinois truck enforcement, but most did not see eye-to-eye on much.  Independent authority structures prevented one leader from having oversight of another.  From each group, under each leader, came mixed signals in training and enforcement ideologies.  The unfortunate consequence was non-uniform enforcement…an unfair burden carried solely by the trucking industry.

The goal of the ITEA is not to trespass upon the authority of another, but to acknowledge and respect the different authorities and their roles within law enforcement.  The division caused by a few leaders who could not work in harmony needed to end.  The days of the small  few having all the power and influence needed to cease.  The ITEA has worked extremely hard to build professional working relationships within the trucking industry and state/federal regulatory authorities to generate jurisdictional harmony.

To those ends, it has become readily apparent there is a  need to spread out the leadership within our own organization.  Each region of the State has unique challenges and characteristics.  What is good and important in the north suburbs may not be problematic downstate.  By creating Chapters of the ITEA, new leaders within our own ranks can be raised up.  These leaders can better serve their local police agencies and trucking companies.  These leaders can better market the programs and services of the ITEA to those around them.  These leaders will be the future of the ITEA and guarantee continued success in the years to come.

The ITEA Board of Directors is excited to empower more people to take ownership of the ITEA.  Each Chapter will be led by representatives from both law enforcement and the trucking industry.  As each Chapter is established, these leaders will be tasked to grow their Chapter in numbers, uniformity and compliance.  The Vice President of the ITEA is charged with oversight of the Chapters.  A new webpage will be added to this site to introduce you to a new Chapter and provide information on how to get involved with them.

Are you ready to get involved with the ITEA at the local level?  Click on the Chapter below to find out how.  If there is not a Chapter to represent your geographical region, please contact the ITEA so we can get one started.

DuPage County Chapter
McHenry County Chapter
Southwest Chapter