Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is

PageBannerTo protect and serve.  These four words have represented the police function in the United States for decades. Unfortunately, the reputation of truck enforcement is polluted. The perception is enforcement is only about revenue.  It’s high time to focus efforts on serving you, the trucking professional.

In order to accomplish this, a paradigm shift must occur.  A change in the culture of policing must be born.  It starts now. It starts with you.

Since 2010, the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association has been sold out to improving the quality of truck enforcement officers, and the successes have been nothing short of phenomenal. The standards have been set high for our 360 member police officer member who have answered the call.  The problem is there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of truck officers in Illinois who have been trained who are not members of the ITEA.

Who is holding these officers accountable? Who is making sure they have the most current and up-to-date resources? Who is advocating for fair, uniform and equitable enforcement among their ranks?  If they are not members of the ITEA, then the answer is “nobody”…and that is unacceptable.

Illinois is dependent on a successful and profitable trucking industry.  Trucking is the backbone of this economy. You have paid a high price to operate in this State.  Your people. Your trucks and trailers. Regulation. Taxes. Equipment. The cost of doing business continues to escalate.  Your money is out there on the street. Now it’s time to for you to open your mouth and have your voice heard.  It’s only fair to make sure the costs of any enforcement thrust upon you is done so properly and within the law.

Click on the icons below to learn what you, whom law enforcement is sworn to serve, can do to guarantee the best truck enforcement officers possible are operating on the highways of this state.