Police Membership

PageBannerYour money is out there.  It’s tied up in your people.  It’s invested in your trucks and trailers. It’s spent on governmental compliance.  Turning a profit is hard work and very few industries are as heavily regulated as trucking.  Just when all seems to be going well, here comes the police officer with fines in the thousands of dollars…fines rarely seen in other industries.

It’s an exceptional authority truck enforcement officers have in Illinois, and it demands exceptional accountability.

The whole mission of an association is to bring together people of a common interest.  Police officers sold out to being the best need a place to interface with like-minded peers.  It’s through these relationships that good practices and methodologies are created.  It’s through this common bond accountability for quality enforcement is established.  It’s an exclusive club, and those who wish to do the trade harm are not welcome.  Those who wish to learn and improve and be a part of the solution are welcomed with open arms.

Enforcement will never go away, but it can always be improved. With so much at stake, officers must be held to the highest standards.  If the ITEA is not holding truck officers accountable, training them continuously or providing them real time resources, then who is?  The answer is nobody and your industry suffers for it.

Put your mouth where your money is.

If you live or work in a town where the police are doing truck enforcement, call the ITEA and ask if those officers are members. If they are not, call the Chief of Police and respectfully demand he or she enroll their truck officers in the ITEA. It’s $25 per year for one officer, or $100 per year for up to eight officers.  It’s dirt cheap.  Be the squeaky wheel. Follow up to make sure it gets done.

Guess what?  You are the taxpayer who funds their enforcement. You deserve better than OK.  You deserve exemplary.

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