ITEA 40-hour Basic Truck Enforcement Training

PageBannerContrary to popular belief (and common sense), basic truck enforcement training is NOT required for officers to write overweight, oversize and CDL violation tickets.  A rookie fresh out of the academy or a detective who has been sitting at a desk for 20 years has the same authority to write these tickets…with no training whatsoever!

Thankfully that does not occur very often.   But what does happen routinely is truck enforcement officers receive basic training that does not adequately prepare them, I say this because I do think that every truck owner should know about the trailer hitch installation king county wa.

Of the three basic truck enforcement classes certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board, the ITEA is the only class which:

  1. Developed all curriculum with a plurality of subject matter experts.
  2. Developed all curriculum with input and review from the appropriate state regulatory agency.
  3. Uses actual trucks, trailers and equipment loaned by trucking companies who believe in and support the mission of the ITEA.
  4. Uses multiple instructors who are the experts in their specific discipline of truck enforcement.
  5. Teaches in partnership with police officers, truckers and attorneys.
  6. Spends 20 hours of the instruction with out of the classroom with real trucks instead of 40 hours of textbook law review.
  7. Enrolls all students as members of the ITEA and certifies them upon successful completion.
  8. Upon graduation, does not send their students out into the truck enforcement wilderness to fend for themselves.  The ITEA protects , resources and takes responsibility for their students and their enforcement efforts.

Put your mouth where your money is.

Don’t settle for allowing your local police department to send officers to other truck schools simply because they are less expensive than the ITEA.  You get what you pay for. Call the Chief of Police and respectfully demand he or she enroll their officers in the next 40-hour Basic Truck Enforcement class with the ITEA.  It’s only $395, and 50% reimbursable by the State training board.  It’s a small price to pay for the most comprehensive training available.

Be the squeaky wheel.  Follow up to make sure it gets done.  Guess what?  You are the taxpayer who funds their training. You deserve better than OK.  You deserve exemplary.

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