Local Oversize/Overweight Permit Database

PageBannerMuch to the chagrin of the trucking industry, the legislature has established maximum size and weight limits upon the highways of Illinois.  For those vehicles which have to move loads exceeding those limits, permits must be purchased.

Every different road authority may require permits. A trucking company may have to buy three of four permits from different local government official just to make one move…through one town!  Each permit authority has their own method of issuing permits.  Every jurisdiction has its own fee structure, size and weight tables and regulations.  It’s an incredibly frustrating and mind-numbing process to obtain local permits in Illinois.

The ITEA has a solution.  Free webpages are available for any town or county, ITEA member or not, to post their local permit information on our website.  A running list of those jurisdictions who require permits is maintained, as well as a list of those who do not offer permits.  Links are provided to all the materials and information needed to make informed decisions before making and oversize/overweight move on local roads.

The question is this: if the ITEA is not providing a one-stop shop for permits, than who is?  The answer is nobody.  The alternative is simple.  Allow local government to continue making it difficult for you to obtain the permits necessary to do your job and risk losing jobs, or gamble with the law by not obtaining a permit.  It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Put your mouth where your money is.

Don’t settle for your local town or county to fail to post their local permit info on the ITEA website…for FREE.  All they have to do is complete an online webform.  Call the local Chief of Police, highway engineer or public works director and respectfully demand he or she disclose the information on the ITEA website.  Be the squeaky wheel.  Follow up to make sure it gets done.

Guess what?  You are the taxpayer who is required to buy their permits to be in compliance with their law. You deserve better than OK.  You deserve exemplary.

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