Court Fees

PageBannerTruck law is unique from all other criminal and traffic law.  It is truly the horsepower of another color. Illinois requires bail for all citations.  With most traffic tickets, the bail is $120. However, when it comes to overweight violations, the bail is the same amount as the fine.

Bail for overweight citations also includes mandatory court fees.  With 102 counties in Illinois, that is 102 variations. It’s only fair that if a police officer is going to upwards of another $200 out of your pocket in court fees, that the police officer knows exactly what the court fees are supposed to be.  Every dollar counts.

The police officer cannot know what the correct court fees are unless the Circuit Clerk advises them. To accomplish this, the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association compiles an online list of every county and their corresponding court fees for overweights.  The numbers reported are directly from the Circuit Clerks themselves.

Check out the list. Has the county you work or live in reported their fees to the ITEA?  If they have reported, has it been done recently?  These figures change all the time.

Put your mouth where your money is.

If your county has not reported their fees at all, or it has been a long time , pick up the phone and call your Circuit Clerk.  You can find their name, phone and email by clicking HERE.  Respectfully demand they report this info to the ITEA.  It’s as easy as filling out a quick webform on our website.

You deserve to not have unnecessary amounts of money taken from your pocket.  Be the squeaky wheel.  Follow up to make sure it gets done.

Guess what?  You are the taxpayer who pays these court mandated fees. You deserve better than OK.  You deserve exemplary.

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