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PageBannerEveryone has the ability to open their mouth and voice their opinion.  That’s the beauty of a democracy and what makes this nation great.  However, the greatest accomplishments occur when people roll up their sleeves and work together as a team to make things better.

That’s what the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association does.  Membership is open to not just police officers, but truckers and attorneys as well.  If the goal is compliance, then everyone needs to be working together.  That is what the ITEA is doing.

The ITEA is run completely by volunteers from all three professions.  The Board of Directors is made up of the same.  No one gets a salary.  The only motive is to do the right thing…and the success stories of this idealistic model are increasing exponentially.  All the material the ITEA develops to train the police is shared the trucking members as well. There are no secrets in the law.

Put your mouth where your money is.

Get involved.  Join the ITEA. Meet with your local chapter. Things won’t get better until you do your part. It’s $40/year for one trucker, $160/year for a trucking company.  A small investment now can save you thousands later.  Just ask the trucking members of the ITEA who saved nearly $100,000 in 2013 after the ITEA intervened in prosecutions involving their trucks and drivers.

Doing the right thing never fails.

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